What do you know
about pinatas?

It seems our lovely pinatas have a multicultural background. The origins of the pinata dates back to the old Chinese Empire when they were used to invoke good weather and to celebrate the new year. The Italians liked the idea and brought them to Europe in the 14th century to celebrate the first Sunday of Lent and named it pignatta.

I thought they
were Mexican!

Not really! A long time ago the spanish monks took it to America. The Mexicans adopted the pinatas to celebrate the birth of the god Huitzilopochtli. But then, having realised how much fun pinatas are, they soon became the main attraction for every child’s birthday and community celebrations.

Papel Craft arrives in London

Pinatas have been a fun and popular tradition across Latin America for many decades. It’s not a coincidence that a 3D model made of paper with coloured materials, creatively crafted designs, full of sweets and small toys came back to Europe and claimed the top spot in Britain’s best parties ever.


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